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Published on 18 January 2022 at 14:33



I am writing about my online course that is offered on this website for purchase. I wanted to tell you more about it and why I created it and why I cannot teach you to develop your Clairaudience for free. I hope it helps you to feel reassured that it is for genuine reasons and that the course WILL make a difference for you if you are seeking to establish or strengthen Clairaudience.

After my own Clairaudience was activated and developed other people who knew about my hearing felt they would love to have the same ability to hear spirit. Knowing all that I went through to get to that stage I was aware that it isn't possible for me to share a few tips or even tell my story for another to become Clairaudient. It took a whole lot of work on myself to get to that stage, months and months of work. Eventually I started up in person groups for Clairaudience  and stayed doing that for some time.

The requests came from people online and kept coming for guidance and assistance to develop their own Clairaudience. So I then decided to create a course all about Clairaudience and the steps needed to progress to it becoming active and successful. That task was no mean feat, I had not seen anyone doing it online(and still haven't, seen a full course anyone else is offering) The reason why?
The reason is because it is one of the hardest areas of mediumship to teach. However with the full support and input from my spirit guides I went through my own development step by step knowing precisely what worked and what didn't.

Of course this was with my guides input on the course content throughout. My course is not to be rushed through as that won't give you results but it's meant to be taken at a steady pace with each stage fully digested and taken on board before moving to the next stage. Each person who has carried it out in this way has had success. There are some elements which definitely have an impact on a persons achievements with Clairaudience which are as follows:

1.Having the ability even dormant or unestablished but having had signs that Clairaudience may be their strongest ability from sound experiences like hearing their name called or a spirits voice at some time. (so if Clairvoyance was a persons strength and Clairaudience the weakest it wouldn't be ideal.)
2.Experiencing signs like hearing a short burst of high pitched ringing that sounds similar to Tinnitus but lasts under 20 seconds at a time and not frequent(as it could be medical)
3.If the person is in the right place mentally/emotionally. Developing ANY Clair ability requires the student to be untroubled and emotionally grounded for best results.  It's not required that a student has to be serene and almost floating on air! We are human and troubles and stress are part of our lifes experiences. It is a case of when things become constantly stressful or creating anxiety etc that it could cause problems.
4.Desire. Yes desire. If a student was to embark on a course and was doing it half heartedly then their results would be at best 'weak'. A strong desire is an ingredient that is required.

The course content took a long time to create, an awful lot of work went into it and I am proud of it as it has proved successful. It needed to be very full in it's content and cover all areas which I have done. Which is why it is not possible for me to teach anyone in a few conversations of questions and answers, it doesn't work like that. If it was even possible and I tried to do it for free I'd be inundated and knowing how much work is required it literally would be a case of not enough hours in the day. Teaching just two people that way would be a full time job I would be doing for free and I have to survive like everyone else.
To activate and establish an ability like this takes work and commitment.  Hence the reason that this comprehensive course was created and I think you'll find there's nothing else out there quite like it!


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