Coming Out

Published on 5 December 2021 at 14:20

Coming out is definitely the correct phrase for revealing what I am. A term normally used to mean someone who wishes people to know what their true sexuality is. With that comes fear of rejection, dislike and non acceptance. Lets be honest us humans get a bit riled up about subjects such as religion, politics and sexuality. These subjects have a lot of division and strong feelings.

Having communication and belief in spirit and life after death(of the body) is a big one as we all have different beliefs. So I bit the bullet and shared my truth about my communication with spirit and with that comes my belief in an after life obviously.

I have never felt any need to try to convince anyone about the spirit world. I truly do not take offence if others do not accept it into their truth. Why would I? It does not matter. I am here for those that do have the same set of beliefs in the spirit world as myself and also for those in spirit themselves naturally.


It sadly creates some that do not believe to feel threatened by this belief system which in turn causes them to feel the need to challenge anothers beliefs. Why do they get so vexed about it, why do they not just walk on by in peace? 

If anothers beliefs are opposite to theirs then they have to challenge as to them it's making a mockery of their own beliefs or non beliefs and they need to stay cemented in. So almost like they need to prove a different belief system is incorrect to feel secure and confident that their differing beliefs is concrete and no doubts.

That is why the believers of the spirit world do not feel that same need to challenge because another's opposite beliefs do not threaten their faith. It makes zero difference after seeing spirit children for example or hearing spirits voice or seeing things move around in front of you with no-one there as I have done. It simply cannot be explained away or logicalised!! 

A person who has not witnessed the above has every reason to doubt others beliefs who have experienced. They can only consider it as truth if they themselves experience, however often is the case that they do not ever experience spiritual happenings and the reason why is faith comes first. A non believer has no faith in spiritual existence, no faith, no experiences. (unless they visited a demon filled building with very powerful energies who they mocked in middle of night alone, then they may well experience but not in a way they would enjoy I'm sure!)

I have come out!!

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