Our Journey

Published on 5 March 2023 at 17:30

Each of us has a specific journey that is unique to us to go through while here on Earth. This journey comes from our experiences before and what we have chosen to learn, lets call it levelling up!

If we achieve what we set out to accomplish in this life time then we indeed level up. As a spiritual soul in a physical body we are here to 'remember' who we really are or to get as close to that as possible. Our physical human selves and our brain is not who we actually are but our soul, our higher selves IS.  What we experience in our physical life whether good, bad or indifferent is for learning only, it is not meant to alter who we are. These things we carry with us need to be on the outside of us for our learning benefit, still with us but not effecting a change in us becoming the result of life experiences.

We aren't meant to take those experiences within us and allow it to alter our perspectives on ourselves or others. It is all for learning and growing. Each negative experience we have tells us who we are from the way we feel about it. I've had plenty as I'm sure some of you have but I'm still me with the same heart and care for others. Nothing will change that. At the end of the day we all will die and all truth will be known so this time here is very small in comparison and I'm at peace about any non truth because all becomes known like it or not. 

Being human means we will feel strong emotions from happenings but if we can achieve 'letting it go' then we have won no matter what! 

We have to have good and bad happen for balance, how can we appreciate the good if we didn't have bad? So it's all for good reason.

I see past the individual happening or act by someone as I know the big picture and most of it is so insignificant and of no importance apart from learning more about yourself from how your emotions react. 

I have spirit ask me for my 'method' and how do I do what I do. For years I've been asked to tell my secret to them, to share how etc? I cannot as it's purely about my nature and what I inherited from coming into this life. I base my foundation in love as a platform and always have and always will. There IS the power, simply LOVE. If your heart is true and love is pure then there is NO method, it's just a given.


So keep your heart true and pure no matter what and you will always be a winner in life and I don't mean this one physical life, I'm talking about your soul and your growth. Much love x