Listen To Hear

Welcome to my website. My name is Dawn Webb and I am a Clairaudient spiritual medium. Clairaudience means clear hearing. I have been actively clairaudient for 14 years and if you want to know more about me and my background then please look on the 'about me' page.

The image you see above of me is a still taken from a video in my development course for Clairaudience. I have blue eyes and have added another still from the same clip below here to show my eyes normal state. For a few seconds my spirit guide over-shadowed me/blended with me, which is why my eyes somewhat seem to disappear and be replaced by spirits. (Although it's really watching the video that it shows it better than a still frame.) At times spirit also affect my voice as well. 

I have ran in person groups and am offering an online course for developing your own Clairaudience if that is what your strongest ability is. (I will include guidance & tips on ways to understand what your natural strongest ability is on the 'About Me & About You' page.) You will also have some freebies I have decided to give away for the first time for a limited time if you purchase the course. You can find the details of it all on the 'Webshop' page.
I cannot guarantee you will achieve full Clairaudience as that is dependent on many factors. However I can assure you that you will learn a lot and have tools for life and a greater understanding of your own ability as well as a closer more direct relationship with your own spirit guides.