1.Do I need to practise daily?

No there is no requirement for every day practise, this course is designed purposefully to be taken slowly as you can't fast track development! If you wish to practise daily that is also fine but don't over do it or it'll become a chore which will not promote development. Slowly slowly catchy monkey!

2. Can I jump ahead to the more interesting practise first?

No. The course was designed to be step by step and taken as it is given with the approval of my guides. I had one person do that and they had no success at all and were disappointed. So please take my advice if you really want to get somewhere dear people.

3. If I'm not successful will you refund me?

No. A refund will not be given because you may not have achieved what you wished for. It is clearly stated around the course and on this website that there are NO guarantees for success in spirit communication with Clairaudience. I however do guarantee that if you follow the course and my guidelines you will achieve a greater connection to spirit, understanding and personal expansion.

4. Can I share this course with others as I purchased it?

No. I ask that you do not share the course with others as that would be breaching copyright rules. The content of this course is entirely created by myself alone and you are purchasing access to the course not purchasing the actual course. That remains my property. I thankyou for respecting this.

5. Why isn't it working for me?

You have answered your own question in the question! You are no less able than anyone else and your own self belief and confidence will be the answer to your question. Put down that self doubt my lovely!

6. Can I speak to my parent/grandparent/niece/ex partner etc in spirit?

If you achieve established Clairaudience then of course you can try too. However it often doesn't work in a way of I want to talk to so and so and they turn up and start chatting. For many reasons, can be it's seen that you need to develop more of an understanding on how things work in the spirit realms and/or it may be it's not seen as best yet as your emotions are not at the strongest and it could set you back or there's a more pressing need for you to be taught or learn of something that must be a priority and so on....it doesn't mean you can't or won't but please don't feel disappointed if it doesn't happen at the time you wish it too.

7. I can't stop feeling fear, how do I stop it?

Fear is the biggest block for everyone, the most common but also the most denied. It's natural to feel apprehension and fear with something that's unknown to us. The fear does dissipate with practise as it becomes normalized. As long as you have followed the protection guidelines(and have total faith in it!) then you should feel protected and safe proceeding with practise. A little fear with an unknown is fine so don't try to eradicate it entirely as you'll be in for a long wait. Fear has it's place and when you become accustomed to practise it will lessen.

8. If I am successful in hearing can I do the same as you and sell a course for others?

What you desire to do in the future is none of my business. I would say if you wanted my advice to hold back for a while so you have more experience as you would be better positioned to have a lot of learning and experience with spirit before teaching others as you will be expected to have answers. The learning NEVER stops and that's no different for me, it would take endless lifetimes to learn everything there is to know and then some! I do not have all the answers but I do have many years of active practise and experience with the spiritual realms and spirit guides.

9. In your course you say that you are available all the time and I can email you whenever I want for guidance but you state a limit now on the course details? Why is that?

Apologies if I've missed an edit for that, it may not have been possible to edit on video without ruining the video entirely. When I recorded the videos it was at a time where I was doing the course as a small side to running groups etc. I didn't market it much and it was on a very small scale. Now things have changed and this course is intended to reach far and wide to many people. So I'm sure you can understand there are only so many hours in a day and I am but one person so if I have 100+ people emailing me daily it would be impossible for me to answer them. I do not want to let people down so have introduced a limit with the course as it's what I know I can manage even with that number of people. (This may change in the future depending on how things are) If you do email me more than is stated please do not take offence if you do not get a reply to all your emails, I will look at them and answer what I feel is most important within the time frame I'm allowing myself.

10. Will I get a certificate once I've completed the course?

Currently no I won't be issuing certificates. The reason is as it's in the format it is it is impossible for me to verify that people have done all the work and followed the course properly. In the future I may add a test/questionnaire that is done live via zoom. Then I would be able to issue a certificate on completion of correctly answering a percentage of questions.