About Me

So a bit about me. I have a full loving family with children and grandchildren.
I have never quite 'fitted' in anywhere in my life and I spent most of it trying to work out why. Yes I feel very different but don't we all? Yes. The opinion of me not fitting in by the way was more other peoples feelings towards me not mine. I'm regarded outside the box, not normal and not one of those with that opinion know anything about the spiritual Dawn which is a huge part of who I am. It affects the way I approach, react and feel towards life and people and often there is a strong spiritual influence in my every day life. I've always felt a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet. Most I come across do not feel this way at all. The reason those opinions have been felt is because I'm very open in comparison to those that believe that of me. Not being able to accept it's an open heart and genuine loving regard for others. With strangers yes. I have learnt to be okay with this as I understand why and am much stronger now than I used to be I'm happy to say! You are what you are!

Opening your heart and soul to spirit fully opens you in many more ways along with it. Can you imagine if people with that opinion actually knew of my communication with    spirit and how that would add to the perspective they hold  of a person like myself? (Now I've published my website they may know!)

So I keep it mostly to myself as it serves no good purpose for people to know what I am. I have kept that truth for people like yourself and family and close friends. Until now.

My Clairaudience wasn't fully activated until about 15 years ago. I heard spirits voice for the first time then and it has never stopped since. I am not hearing 24/7 as I am living in this physical world and there's a need for me to live in that way, lack of focus, tv noise, other people talking etc all extinguish the sound so it's not constant but could be if I let it.

I undertook a target of spirit communication very consciously and I felt the need 100%, it was imperative that I had communication for my own survival. A day happened in which I felt an outpouring of gratitude of some peace I found for the first time in over a decade. My heart spoke. God replied. Not in words but it was overwhelming the connection of pure unconditional love given back to me. Something opened in that moment and that's where it began. Literally within hours. That's when I became very noticeable to spirit and my house was literally filled shortly after.

It became out of hand as I had no communication so all the daily and nightly activity was causing massive anxiety and stress. I had a young family and it was affecting my focus and care to them as I was on my own even surrounded by family, I was the spiritual target. My attention they got and I tried many development practices across the board. Read endless books, researched, meditated and looked into spiritual recording devices before I had honed my gift.

It was a journey of misunderstandings confusion, upset and amazement as I did not have a full communication and was surrounded by so many in spirit. I decided to practice for Clairaudience and it quickly became clear that I could hear and that first time was astonishing!

Since then I progressed and developed further and ran groups and felt the happiest I have in my life doing something that was connected directly to my heart and was more natural to me than human communication. I wrote a small ebook years ago which was written in my early days of understanding, an honest warts an all account of what it can be like for a person awakening into the spirit world. I assist with regular crossings myself, my guides and all the helpers on different levels you can imagine. It is always for many at a time, a most natural, loving, relieving process for those crossing. That work will never end. 

I developed a Clairaudient course for online users as there was a request for it and it kept being asked. I am offering that course here on my website however unlike before for now I'm selling the course all as one, unlike before as separate levels. Plus another choice with extras.

For more information and price please look on the Webshop page. :)