What Did You Say?

Published on 30 November 2021 at 09:30

Being Clairaudient has it's challenges and quirks. Sometimes funny, sometimes not. I do have to check with others at times if I hear something if they can hear it too to be sure if out and about that it's not only me that is hearing it. As spirit project sound to an individual easily with no-one else hearing a thing. I've heard great crashes and thunderous sounds in the house at night before yet no-one heard anything. It doesn't always need to be spirit projecting their voice. It can also be music or singing.


As time went by with me actively Clairaudient and especially when living alone I would talk to spirit throughout the day and evening just like you do with a physical person with you, no woowoo required! I became so accustomed to this that when not living alone it took a while for me to get out of the habit. Why did I need to stop? I needed to stop as for one reason it caused much confusion when others are hearing you talk and shouting "what is it Dawn? Heard you talking?" Then replying "no I'm talking to spirit" several times a day and then when you are talking to family they ignore you thinking you are talking to spirit argh! So it had to stop, well not completely but so much so that the crazy confusion through the day stopped.


I didn't like stopping as to me it was entirely natural and I regarded my guides no less than my family and I treat my guides with the same reality as my loved ones. As they are in my reality, not in some distant plane, they are right here, with me all the time. So feels kind of rude!


Now there's another side to this which can be awkward! When I'm out and about I also talk to them, in my car, in the countryside, anywhere really. I'm in so much of a reality with them that I am acutely aware we are NEVER alone. So I may look alone but I'm not so I pass comment on things when out wherever I am and this I have found impossible to stop without extreme concentration and effort. 

I am strongly Clairsentient too so if a spirit comes anywhere near me I physically feel their energy or touch and I acknowledge them. 

I have noticed some strange looks from others when seen saying something and they see me alone. I FORGET that others don't know what I am and some know or don't believe in spirit. So to them I'm a whacko who has mental health issues! It is actually funny to me thankfully.

I am afraid that won't stop as I've tried and simply can't. So a nutter I'll be deemed as. Clairaudience as all the other 'clair' abilities brings with it some areas that you wouldn't think of.

As well as that I have evidence that words have been said through me by spirit without me having any knowledge or awareness at all that something came from me. That is not so amusing as I have no idea what has been said, in what tone or with what attitude to another. In fact I can think of a couple of examples where that has happened and it's had negative consequences. I am grateful for the fact that it doesn't happen often. I have also given instruction for that not to be allowed to my guides. Watch this space!

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